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Discovering A Passion

I’m was in my 3rd quarter in the PRAD program and when I realized I had chosen the best path. I am grateful that I chose this program and DePaul University is the school I’ve chosen. Tommorow, I'll have offfically completed all required courses to gain my master's degree. Since graduating from UIC in 2012, I’ve had a hard time discovering what my passion and purpose was career-wise. Post-graduation I couldn’t just find a job to get my foot in the door of the entertainment field, I couldn’t find a job at all. That’s when I started to second-guess everything. For a while, I thought I should just go into the healthcare or science field where finding a job would be simpler and my main worries would be non-existent. I combed over every field out there that I could do, but every time I chose an area because of money not because of passion. That’s why I kept putting off applying to grad schools. One thing I knew for sure was I wanted to be in the media. The problem was I couldn’t pinpoint in what capacity.

Fast-forward to the end of 2015 — feeling as if I had to make a decision fast due to my anxiety and feeling of needing to be on the road to a successful, happy career before 30. I decided that since I wanted to be in the media world, I should apply to cinema programs to get inside and receive hands-on experience. My thoughts were to focus on the business side of things but also learn a few things about filmmaking. After much research, I decided on DePaul’s Cinema Production program. Unfortunately, I wasn’t getting what I wanted out of the program as it’s much more for filmmakers than behind the scenes people. Feeling stuck and thinking I wasted about a year of money and time, I didn’t want to leave grad school a failure.

Back to my list of passions, Public Relations was the obvious answer. I’ve always seen this as a career that “fixed” problems. That PR only existed because a company or someone messed up and needed a spin to tell the public. I was wrong. The career field entailed so many aspects of which I never knew. The more research I did on the field as a whole the more excited I became. I realized my passion and type of work I wish to focus on correlated perfectly with public relations. My next step was finding the best school.

DePaul happened to have one of the top PR programs in the country, and I happened to be currently enrolled in the school. I am not a great test taker; I’m just not. So with my grades in my current DePaul program, it allowed me to bypass the GRE required for admission. How I look at this is my enrollment in the wrong program at the right school happened for a reason I will be grateful for every day.

Coming into the program I had little experience in PR, school or work, so everything I am learning is through these courses and my research. I am currently a case manager in social services, but my goal is to work in in this field. So as I walk towards my new passion, I will engulf myself in every aspect that will allow me to thrive on this long journey I’ve been on.